14K Gold Earrings

Golden earrings for an elegant look
Golden earrings sometimes appear on girls' ears before the first words are spoken. The tradition of piercing the earlobes of newborn girls is firmly rooted, and it will not recede. And no wonder the ear jewelry makes you look truly feminine and elegant.
The modern assortment of such jewelry is quite multifaceted, so if you wish, you can buy golden earrings in accordance with your most secret desires. But this is still a challenging task because many factors must be considered.
Golden earrings: Varieties
It is not possible to name all types of earrings, as the modern work of jewelers impresses with a variety of designs. However, the main types can be distinguished.
Depending on the jewelry technique:
Granular – with soldered grains on the surface;
inlaid – with golden, silver, or precious inlays
openwork – with patterned slits;
Filigree – with a pattern of gold or silver wire soldered onto the base;
Stamped – with embossed elements.
Depending on the form:
with pendants;
Depending on the clasp:
Pussets (studs) – the simplest lock, consisting of a rod on which a pin is fixed;
Loop – looks like a curved hook that is threaded into the ear;
English lock – with a foot that fastens with a click;
Italian clasp, reminiscent of a clip, but with a pin;
French fastening with loop and hook;
A ring with a thin pin completes the circle.
When choosing golden earrings, it is worth considering all the jewelry features, starting with the lock and ending with the design. Ear jewelry should be in harmony with the overall image; for this, you should consider the shape of the face and even the type of hairstyle. This is the only way to become the owner of beautiful and stylish jewelry.
Golden earrings: choose according to the shape of the face
Every woman has particular preferences for ear jewelry. But, relying on them, it is also worth considering whether they suit your face type. Even the most expensive and beautiful piece of jewelry can spoil the image if it is chosen incorrectly.
Chubby girls should consider elongated models to create the illusion of elongation. But golden hoop earrings are best avoided.
Rounded shapes and smooth lines will soften a square face. Pins are also a good option.
A heart-shaped face requires decoration with a wider bottom. It could be pendants. Another excellent choice, in this case, would be products of a teardrop form.
Women with oval faces can wear almost anything. The only limitation is over-elongated models.
But women with diamond-shaped faces should look closer at designs with straight lines. Drops will also decorate this face form to advantage.
In addition to the shape of the face, it is also worth considering the hairstyle you prefer. If the ears are covered with hair, miniature models may be invisible. Perhaps you should consider larger jewelry. However, you should be careful with long products that can get tangled in the hair, causing discomfort.
Women with short haircuts and picked-up hair can experiment with different models, taking into account the face's shape and clothing style.
Children's golden earrings: what to consider when choosing
Special care should be given to the purchase of jewelry for children. Choosing a precious metal minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction. In addition, it is more practical and comfortable to wear.
It is important to consider the age of the child. It is better to decorate young children with pussets with a screw mechanism. These lovely earrings will spark the interest of any young princess, and they are lightweight with a secure fastening, making them perfect for kids.
Children's golden earrings should have a minimum of decor so as not to interfere during dressing and not cling to clothes. They also must not be heavy.
Particular attention should be paid to the lock of products. Children's golden earrings should have a secure clasp that will not interfere during sleep. Most often, parents prefer an English lock.
Safety, comfort, and practicality are the main criteria for choosing golden earrings for children. The issue of beauty fades into the background. It should be considered when girls get older and already have their own tastes and preferences.
How to wear earrings: tips from stylists
If you want to buy earrings, golden or silver, it is important to understand where you can wear them. This issue also has its own rules and canons. So, for every day, it is suitable to wear earrings for increased comfort. They should be easy to put on and take off, not to cling to clothes and not get tangled in the hair. Their design should be versatile enough to complement both jeans and romantic dresses.
Office image requires concise and strict models. Studs remain a permanent favorite here. But you can experiment with other types of jewelry. For example, the currently fashionable geometric shape will be appropriate for a business image. And if you want to show off with stones, preference should be given to transparent options.
An evening out requires luxurious earrings. And here, you can not limit yourself to the choice. Fantasy and massive models are appropriate if they harmonize with the main outfit. A win-win option is golden earrings with pearls. Sophisticated and refined, they can decorate any evening look.
Wedding jewelry should remind of tenderness and sensuality. Its mission is to emphasize the images of the bride without drawing attention to itself. Its final choice depends on the dress style and the bride's hairstyle. The classic options may include studs with a small stone or droplets.
Fashion 2021: what earrings are trendy?
Golden earrings never disappeared from women's caskets; only their appearance changed. Modern trends gravitate towards conciseness and restraint. Among the most fashionable models of 2021 are rings. And it doesn't matter whether they are large or small, smooth or decorated with stones.
Pendant earrings are also relevant in the new season. They visually elongate the neck, contributing to the whole image of harmony and elegance. Their length can reach the collarbones, and you can wear such models not only at festive events. Summer sundresses and dresses of light, airy fabrics will create a unique duet.
Another trendy design is cross earrings. They look very stylish with a creative haircut and casual looks. However, if these are minimalistic models, you can complement absolutely any outfit with them.
Classics also do not disappear from the view of fashion lovers. Elegant possets are popular with women, decorating businesses, and festive looks. The most trendy models are those with miniature accent stones. And it doesn't have to be a diamond. On the contrary, color options are welcome, emphasizing the beauty of the eyes.
Asymmetrical earrings are also growing in popularity. Now and then, they can be seen celebrities marching along the red carpet. And, despite the avant-garde and originality of this trend, it is quite applicable in everyday life. The main thing is that both parts were interconnected. It can be a general theme – geometry or floristry. Or, for example, a single shade.
Where can I buy golden earrings in Minimal?
An important point of buying golden products is the purchase store. To avoid disappointment, you should opt for trusted trading platforms, the work of which has already been evaluated by other consumers.
Minimal is an online store operating on the network for over a year. And we already have a whole community of satisfied customers cooperating with us for a long time. Here you can buy golden earrings that will delight you with quality and look. The available range of jewelry will satisfy you and allow you to choose the product you like.
In our catalog, you will find golden earrings for children and women with different locks and decorative elements. The choice is always yours. And we will provide you with worthy packing and fast delivery of your order.

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