14K Gold Rings

A golden ring is your perfect complement.
A golden ring is the basis of jewelry boxes, which does not lose its relevance, but only strengthens its position. Almost everyone has a couple or more pieces of yellow metal jewelry. Take, for example, golden wedding rings, which adorn the hands of most happy couples.
Adding an exquisite piece of jewelry to your wardrobe is a wise investment to enhance any look. Precious metals are always in price, which is only growing.
Rings are always relevant as jewelry. Choosing the right product can emphasize your originality and sense of taste. Often it is the details that create the whole image.
Golden rings: types and features
The modern variety of jewelry will make even the most sophisticated client confused. The design of rings includes simple and complex shapes. The first option is most often present in wedding models because, according to the legend, the smoothness of the rim symbolizes the happy life of sweethearts. Today it is increasingly common in standard versions. Minimalism, as a design style, is now highly trendy.
Simple forms include models with openwork, perforation, engraving, or stone lines. Their main feature is the absence of a protruding top.
Complex shapes imply rich decoration technology. Their range is truly limitless and includes a variety of fantasy incarnations.
If we talk about the traditional types of rings, then they include:
Engagement ring
This is an ornament presented by a man as a sign of engagement. It is subsequently worn with a wedding ring or separately on special occasions. There are no strict requirements for his choice. However, the classic models are:
– solitaire – jewelry with a single stone. The latter is often a diamond. However, options such as cubic zirconia, zirconium, and Swarovski stone are also allowed.
– halo is also a product with one stone but complemented with a line of small stones. This design emphasizes the central element, shifting the main focus to it.
Wedding ring
Previously, women's golden rings, intended for a wedding, had an exceptionally smooth shape. The newlyweds strictly followed the canons and did not dare to deviate from them. Today, things are somewhat different, and future newlyweds are increasingly guided by their tastes and preferences. The following types of golden wedding rings are in the greatest demand:
– Classic – jewelry made in the most straightforward design. They can vary in width and also have rectangular edges or round walls.
– "Trinity" – a model that appeared due to the founder of the famous French jewelry house Cartier. The creator put a special symbolism into it, which lies in a triple weave. The modern "Trinity" performance differs slightly from the original, but everything is symbolic.
– "Eternity" – a product decorated with a minimalist line of stones. It is intended to tell about the unfading feelings of two lovers.
– "Trilogy" – golden rings with stones symbolizing the past, present, and future.
These are massive and strict decorations. In the past, they were worn by people in power. They emphasized the power and importance of their owner. As a rule, these were men's golden rings. But today, signets are also found in women's jewelry boxes. They are models with large stones. What is left for men is golden seals.
This type includes all rings made in the original form. It is always a unique and individual choice. Such products allow you to express yourself and showcase your interests and passions. Their range is extensive, so everyone can easily pick up a piece of jewelry representing his inner state.
Golden rings: how to define the size
An important point in choosing an accessory for your finger is its size. It should be perfect – not to crush and not to fall down. It is better to retake measurements before buying to select the right product accurately.
To do this, you will need a thread and a ruler. Remember that fingers have different thicknesses, so you should measure the one on which you plan to wear jewelry. And do it in a calm state during the day because your hands can swell in the morning and evening, as well as after physical exertion.
Refrain from relying on the help of a professional if the ring is small. Not all items can be scaled up. Jewelers only work with gold rings without stones. Only such models can be rolled out without significant changes in the look of the decoration.
If you plan to buy a golden ring as a gift, determine the size of the recipient of the gift in advance. There are several secret ways to do this, which you can learn from our material on the blog "How to find out the size of the ring discreetly and correctly."
Do not neglect such an essential criterion as size, and do not buy a product for the future or in the hope that you will lose weight. Buy an accessory for today's self to enjoy the beauty of a precious piece of jewelry without delay. And if suddenly your appearance changes, you can always treat yourself to a new copy that will give you unique emotions and moods. Don't wait for a better moment; it's already here.
Golden secrets of choosing jewelry
When selecting your rings, it is natural to be guided by the principle of "like it or not," however, additional factors should be taken into account so you can enjoy wearing them for many years to come.
If these are women's golden rings, then it is worth remembering the age. It is better for young girls to choose sophisticated models that will emphasize their tenderness and elegance. But rings with stones will not suit them. Their audience is respectable ladies; such jewelry will bring luxury and charm to their image.
Men's golden seal rings should also be chosen only when there is experience and status behind them. For younger males, it is better to opt for less massive products. Perhaps it will be a wide, smooth ring without unnecessary decor.
When choosing an accessory from a jewelry box, it is worth considering the image of the wearer and the purpose of the occasion. The only exceptions are gold wedding rings, which are appropriate in any situation.
In other cases, mind the jewelry etiquette. The main rule of it is to have up to three pieces of jewelry in one hand. And, of course, you should not complement your office outfit with a catchy product with a large stone. It is better to choose concise models for every day and work looks.
Men's golden rings also require a serious selection. A signet only sometimes looks appropriate with a formal suit and tie. Everything needs balance and harmony. Shocking in jewelry is a dangerous option that requires incredible dexterity to avoid getting into a mess.
As for the combination of rings from different metals, this has not been bad manners for a long time. Today it is more of a fashion trend that is supported worldwide. So you can safely complement golden rings with silver ones.
Should you follow fashion? Everyone has his answer to this question. One should not blindly follow temporal trends but can always accept them as an additional criterion. The main thing is that the accessory emphasizes dignity, style, and lifestyle. And the owner should certainly like it because, in this case, it can become a real amulet.
Minimal is the best choice in the US market
Minimal is the best choice for the US market when it comes to jewelry. It is essential to purchasing from a trustworthy store with a strong reputation and positive customer reviews, and Minimal fits the bill.
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