Sterling silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets: timeless elegance.
Silver bracelets do not have a gender division: they are equally popular among men and women. In addition, they look modern on people of any age - from a boy and a girl to a person of respectable age. The Minimal online store will delight you with a vast selection of silver jewelry, which can emphasize the beauty and sophistication of the wrist.
Types of bracelets
It is not difficult to choose a silver bracelet: you can buy it in a stationary store or online from companies ready to confirm their products' quality. To do this, you only need to browse the catalog of goods and check the certificate to ensure the purchased product's durability.
Once you are confident that you can trust the supplier you've chosen, it's time to decide on the most convenient jewelry type. When shopping online for a silver bracelet, there are two main categories - rigid and soft designs. From those two divisions come even more options, such as
Cuff Bracelets - one or more metal coils with a hole for comfortable putting on the hand. Outwardly, they look like an open ring; there may be an exciting decor on their edges;
Bangle Bracelet - divided into halves with a hinge, forming a ring when closed;
Closed - the classic, oldest type of bracelet, in the form of an integral ring.
Soft bracelets are:
Chain - this is a weaving of links in the form of chains of various types with a fastener;
Gliding - when parts of the product are connected with the use of a hinge;
braided – female openwork wrist jewelry;
Decorated - including all types of inserts: pearls, stones, inserts.
Which of the presented designs to choose is only a matter of taste and individual comfort because we are all different: some people like rigid bracelets, the clasps of which do not cling to long sleeves and knitwear.
Others tend to buy silver bracelets of a soft version, which is the most yielding. The latter's popularity is also due to the variety of weaves, which creates completely different types of decor: wide and thin, openwork, and "snakes." You can add special beads called charms to this chain, or a pendant, replacing which you get a completely new piece of jewelry on your hand.
We should also mention the soft product on the leg - the anklet, worn both on a beach holiday and in the city bustle with summer outfits.
Why choose silver?
Why does it happen that today silver jewelry is more relevant than gold? Probably, many people are attracted by a silver bracelet, the price of which is much lower than that of a golden one. But the advantages of this metal do not end there because they are also chosen for the fact that they are:
multipurpose, that is, suitable for business suits, evening garments, and even sports styles;
stylish because now 925 sterling silver products can be traced in all fashion collections;
easy to use, as they are easy enough to clean by yourself when dirty;
available because we can afford to buy a silver bracelet online.
Of course, these are only the main advantages of silver jewelry, but they do not end there. Due to it, you can diversify the image and add originality without damaging your family budget. Choose them as a present for relatives and friends or personal needs, because the assortment of bracelets in our store is very rich.
Silver bracelets in Minimal.
Various topics of silver bracelets widely represent the catalog of the online store Minimal. For your comfort, we have offered several filter options to help you decide on the product type and exterior design.
Initially, you should choose the type - soft or hard design. Next - choose a bracelet according to the theme, and then you will see decorations with a heart or an asterisk, an animal or a flower, a crown, or an infinity sign.
Types of weaving
For lovers of a specific type of weaving, we offer chains:
With an anchor type - the most versatile, vaguely reminiscent of the anchor chain of marine vessels. It forms voluminous decorations, often unisex;
A shell type is considered the most reliable because its elements are in the same plane and fit snugly against each other. It reminded someone of a shell, and the name was assigned to this kind of connection of links in a chain;
Nonna - with facets on both sides, which allows the finished product to shimmer and shine;
Snake, when the links of the chain fit very tightly and form a kind of jewelry cord.
We also offer a division of products by style, so you can easily choose the decoration for an evening dress to match the Queen of England herself or for a romantic date to conquer your loved one with impeccable taste. Love hi-tech? Tick the box next to this designation and dive into the pleasant shopping world!
This filter should be your first stop if you are looking for silver bracelets with inserts. You can easily customize the insert and its color palette to fit your preferences. 
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