Sterling Silver Earrings

Silver earrings – the cornerstone of a woman's look
Perhaps 90% of women choose silver earrings as jewelry. Silver earrings are the ideal combination of quality and affordability; you can purchase them for a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. This makes them an unbeatable choice among jewelry options, as the diverse selection offers something to fit every budget or preference.
Varieties of silver earrings
A pair of silver earrings perfectly complement a woman's wardrobe. They differ in the type of fastener, appearance, presence or absence of inserts, stones, etc. Let's see what types of earrings exist regarding the clasp:
Pussets have been known since childhood as they are ordinary studs. They can be fixed on the ear with or without a thread. Earrings differ in shape: voluminous, flat, geometric, with a precious stone, pearls, in the shape of a heart – look how beautiful they are;
Pendants are silver earrings that catch the eye with playful swaying with every head movement. With the help of a correctly chosen shape, they help to correct the oval of the face;
Chandelier earrings have a narrow base and an extended bottom. The name was given because of the external similarity with chandeliers. They are massive, multi-layered, with complex designer weaves;
Hoops – the name speaks for itself, and the diameter can differ – from small hoops framing the earlobe to large ones, sometimes reaching the shoulder. In "Minimal," you can buy these silver earrings at a good price by choosing a promotional item;
Clusters – the principle of fastening is similar to studs, but the outer part is more voluminous and even intricate;
Ear Cuffs – earrings framing not only the lobe but the whole ear. This is a new model of silver earrings that changes with each season but has been in fashion for a couple of years;
Ear Climbers – jewelry with an elongated shape that rises along the earlobe but does not overlap the cartilage;
Jackets are the latest invention in a modern silver earring design. They are studs, the decorative part of which is located behind the ear along with the clasp.
The Minimal online store catalog presents various types of silver earrings, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you: long and short, voluminous and miniature, with inlays of stones or enamel. Let yourself enjoy choosing a product that will delight and inspire you.
Silver earrings and face shape
Earrings are invariable attributes of a woman. They can add to the tenderness in the image, complete it, or vice versa, and become a bright "highlight" that attracts attention. But it is also possible for the other way around to happen: although she may be attractive and her earrings stylish, they do not complement each other.
Why does this happen? 
When selecting jewelry, there's no better guide than your heart; however, be sure to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge before making any decisions. We all know there are various face shapes, which is important when properly accentuating makeup. It's just as critical to select a piece of jewelry based on our facial structure, too! Knowing which type of oval flatters your specific face shape can make all the difference in elevating accessories look.
So, the ideal shape is considered an oval face when the chin and forehead are approximately the same width, connected by smooth lines of the cheekbones and cheeks.
If you are a lucky lady with an oval face, you can safely buy silver earrings of any shape – from small studs to large pendants. Ladies with a round face should not be upset: following our recommendations, they can also choose jewelry that visually lengthens the face. Choose long silver earrings or large rings; the face will look more elongated. For a wide face with a square chin, we suggest wearing either small studs or long models – both will add softness to the image. The shape of the face as a heart (triangle) is distinguished by a sharp chin. In this case, face-length earrings are the best choice, ideally round or tear-shaped. Large cheeks and a chin distinguish an inverted triangle (pear). Different gussets will help divert attention from the lower part of the face.
For an evening look, you can experiment with long thin silver earrings to the shoulder line. If in doubt, you can always get a recommendation from the "Minimal" manager, who will help you choose the optimal pair of silver earrings for your face shape. Buy inexpensive silver earrings in which you will shine like a queen – this dream can become a reality right now!
The advantages of silver earrings
Analyzing queries in search engines, we can surely say that silver is the most sought-after metal this season. In addition to fashion, silver earrings have many advantages over other types of jewelry.
It does not oxidize. Low-quality silver or other metal alloy tends to oxidize, which leads to the earring's darkening, which does not look aesthetically appealing. Products offered at Minimal are guaranteed to look perfect.
It does not corrode. Silver does not rust due to environmental interaction: its reputation remains "unstained.".
It does not cause allergies. If you are afraid to buy silver earrings because you suffer from allergic reactions to various alloys, you can safely choose silver jewelry, as it is hypoallergenic.
Quality. We offer 925 sterling silver earrings. This means that a higher content of silver can only be found in natural metal ingots.
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