Sterling silver Rings

Is a silver ring essential for your ensemble, or is it merely an extra touch?
A silver ring is a well-known symbol of infinity - an infinity of feelings, emotions, and inspiration. This list can be continued for a long time, and everyone has the right to supplement it with their characteristics. In the "Minimal" online store, you can pick up a ring for all occasions - for engagement, celebration or a good mood.
Types of silver rings
You can easily get confused when choosing jewelry for a graceful female hand, as silver rings amaze various shapes. They are thin, elegant and massive, with stones and inserts, classic and phalanx.
Silver rings can be chosen from the following models:
Signet rings are statement pieces, frequently adorned with a dazzling focal stone that captures the eye. Due to their massiveness, they immediately attract the attention of others, overshadowing other types of jewellery. If you are wearing a signet ring, it is appropriate to complement it with only small studs in a minimalist style.
Monogram is a weaving of different openwork elements. It looks neat, like silver lace, and does not weigh down the hand, so it suits young girls and respectable ladies.
Split is a silver ring, the price of which varies depending on the presence of stones and their variety. It creates an illusion by fringing the finger.
Wedding rings - more and more often, newlyweds prefer silver rings, promising each other love and fidelity for life. Like a strong metal, their feelings grow stronger and do not fade with age.
Engagement silver rings are often adorned with a transparent stone - cubic zirconia or a diamond, which symbolizes the purity of the feelings of a couple in love.
Phalange Ring is just a fashion top! Daring and original, they will not leave their mistress unnoticed. These products are put on different finger phalanges- they look very stylish. Most likely, the progenitor of this model is oriental jewelry, so do not be surprised if it reveals the secret charms of the woman of the East in you.
Dimensionless rings women's silver rings are a real finding for men! When choosing a gift for your loved one, now you don't need to guess the size and worry that it won't fit because the size can be adjusted according to the fullness of the finger.
Cocktail rings have a rich decor with a scattering of stones, many curls, and additional inserts. It will ideally complement an evening look and solemn garments.
How to determine the size of a silver ring
Silver rings come in a variety of universal sizes that are recognized across the globe. 
Determining your size is easy:
take your ring and see if the size is indicated on it;
measure the diameter inside the silver ring with a ruler;
attach it to the table (see photo below) and choose the appropriate size. Make sure the coloured line is inside;
Wrap a thread around your finger to keep it loose, and mark the contact points on the thread. Then measure the resulting segment and compare it with the table:
Do the same manipulations with a thin strip of paper - this may be more convenient than a thread.
Important! Remember that you should not try on a silver ring in the morning, in extreme heat, after a flight and physical activity, since at this time, your fingers may being more swollen than usual.
In addition, silver rings can be massive and minimalistic, with or without stones.
How to choose a silver ring
How to choose silver rings in Ukraine? The mechanism is simple: go to the Minimal online store and choose your model. Then you need to click the "Buy" button below the image and wait for order confirmation by a manager. If it is convenient for you to call, we will take your order by phone during working hours indicated on the website or Instagram.
When choosing, use the filters that will help you detail the characteristics of the ring - from the presence of inserts or stones to the theme or event you are choosing a present for.
If you want to buy a silver ring, follow our recommendations - and you will get only positive emotions from the purchase!
Minimal is the best choice on the market
Offers to purchase silver items can be found everywhere: on the Internet and in shopping malls, shopping centers, specialized stores, banners, etc. An inexperienced client can easily get confused because advertising and slogans work ahead of the curve. We advise you to approach the issue with all responsibility because, having decided to buy a silver ring, you trust the seller and expect that, in return, you will receive a quality product with maximum service life.
In words, everything may sound tempting and beautiful, but do not forget to request a quality certificate when buying, as well as clarify the conditions for returning and exchanging the product, because everything happens in life: the size may not fit or the person you presented a ring to decides to choose a different model of the ring. Our company provides customers with documentary evidence of the use of high-quality silver in jewelry and warranties: we will accept a return and exchange the purchase if more than two weeks have not passed since the order, the tag is preserved, and there are no signs of wear.
Need to receive jewelry promptly on the day of order? Tell our manager about it, and wait for the courier to deliver you the desired box with a present.
Are you in the market for a stunning silver ring? Minimal is here to provide you with one of the best online jewelry shopping experiences! We are proud to be one of the most trusted partners in buying precious pieces, and we would love for you to join our growing list of happy customers!

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