Loyalty Program

About the Program

The MINIMAL JEWELRY brand highly values its customers, so it has prepared the best gratitude for those who have chosen our online store  a bonus loyalty program. By joining the program, you will be able to receive additional benefits and enhance your shopping experience for our jewelry products.

Discount System

Buy jewelry in our store, accumulate bonuses, get a rank, and enjoy a discount that will grow with each purchase.

How does the system work?

  • 5% Silver Member Rank – awarded to customers who have made at least one purchase on the website.
  • 10% Gold Membership Rank – awarded to customers whose orders exceed $500.
  • 15% Platinum Membership Rank – awarded to customers whose orders exceed $1000.

Terms Conditions

  • You will receive a bonus as a discount on your next order for each purchase you make in our online store.
  • Discounts apply to all jewelry and accessories.
  • Our loyalty program does not include certificates and packaging.
  • The bonus amount varies depending on the total sum of all orders.
  • Your bonuses are tracked through the phone number you provided when you placed the order.
  • You get a discount on your order when you enter your phone number in the “Do you have a customer card?” field in the cart.
  • The rank is recalculated after every purchase.
  • Discounts are not applied to items in the “Sale” category, certificates, and packaging. Please note that the order amount for all products included in special promotions and sales will be added to the total amount in the loyalty system.
  • When you return goods, the loyalty system will deduct the amount and size of the discount used and then recalculate the total accumulated amount.
  • The amount of the bonus program also changes when you replace goods.
  • You cannot use both the promo code discount and the bonus program discount simultaneously.


Our bonus program is simple to use. You just need to make planned purchases of our stylish jewelry, and you’ll earn rewards that you can use to buy gifts for yourself or loved ones. The program is ideal for those who value contemporary style, quality, and perks.


    1. 1. How can I check the bonus program discount amount?

On our website, in the “Cart” section, there is a field “Do you have a customer card?”. In this field, you can check for a discount using your phone number and apply it to your order.

    1. 2. How to use the bonus program discount?

It’s simple – you make a purchase, enter your phone number, and click the “Apply” button. After that, the total amount of the order is recalculated according to your rank in the loyalty system.

    1. 3. When will the points be credited to my account?

The day after you receive your order.

    1. 4. What is the duration of the bonus program?

There is no expiration date for our bonus program. You can use your personalized discount at our store anytime.

How does the bonus program relate to other offers on the website?

  • The discount from the bonus program will be applied if it is bigger than the discount on the product or bigger than the discount from the promo code.
  • The discount is valid with the 1 + 1 = 3 promo.
  • The discount from the promo code and the bonus program are NOT summarized. The discount with the greater percentage of discount is applied to the order. (For example, you have a promo code for -5%, and your loyalty program discount is -10%; in this case, the discount from your bonus program will be applied -10%).
  • The discount from the bonus program will not be valid when purchasing goods from the Sale section because, in this case, all goods have already received the maximum possible discount.
  • You cannot use the Loyalty Program during special promotions on the site, as all products are already at the maximum possible discount.